Privacy Policy

We are excited to announce that Macaw has been acquired by InVision. In connection with the acquisition, where applicable, references to Macaw in this Privacy Policy shall be deemed to extend to InVision.

All Macaw accounts contain an email address, name, and optional company name. We will not sell or share email addresses or names with anyone outside of Macaw unless required by law. Email addresses are used as usernames to log into Macaw user accounts.

We will send transactional emails such as a welcome email, password reset emails, and any security or important update emails.

We will also send promotional, news, and other Macaw related emails if a user does not opt-out during account creation. Users can unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

When logging into Macaw, we will gather user IP and MAC addresses for security purposes. This information will not be shared with anyone outside of Macaw unless required by law.

Anonymous usage data may be collected via Google Analytics or other similar services both in our applications and on our web site.

When sending feedback to Macaw through the in-app feedback form some system information is sent to Macaw to help us diagnose issues. This includes information such as the user's Operating System version, the Macaw version, and other similar information.

The Macaw web site ( and associated subdomains) may use cookies to collect statistical information and for marketing purposes. These marketing materials may be displayed via third party web sites to promote Macaw.