Macaw version one dot five has arrived with a ton of new features and performance enhancements!

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A Glimpse of what's new:

Rich text

Take total control of your text by creating and styling nodes like anchors, spans, strongs and ems. You can style them differently on each breakpoint and Macaw will publish them in clean, succinct styles.


Now you can add hover, active and focus states for any element. Each state can be managed per breakpoint, so you can fine-tune your responsive designs with better visual feedback.

Display Toggling

Responsive design just got easier with Macaw's display toggles, which allow you to control the display and visibility properties for elements.

Embed Tool

Want to add videos, maps or iframes to your design? Now you can with Macaw's new Embed Tool.

Responsive Properties

Backgrounds, shadows, display, visibility, states and more are now customizable for every breakpoint.

Layout Engine Enhancements

We've made significant improvements to Macaw's layout engine to make it faster and more accurate than ever.
See why Jeffrey Zeldman calls Macaw the "superhot web design tool of the future" at